Important Additional Information

Basel is one of the European continent’s most convenient locations for scientific meetings. The Swiss city is easily accessible by plane or high-speed trains.

Situated on the banks of the river Rhine, where the Swiss, French and German borders converge, Basel is a unique and fascinating city full of charm. A city where everything runs like clockwork – yet with a multicultural character to which it owes its emphatically cosmopolitan and innovative reputation.

The border town delights visitors with its wealth of cultural, relaxing and indulgent experiences –you can enjoy one of the many museums, culinary discovery tours or the heart of Basel's vibrant nightlife.

The upcoming meeting, hosted by the University of Basel, will be held in University Children’s Hospital and in Hotel Bildungszentrum 21.

The Bildungszentrum 21 is located centrally in Basel but in a quiet, private park. From the outside, the building looks like a large 19th century English manor house and with its old trees surrounding the building it provides a relaxed atmosphere for the IICW.

How to Reach Basel and the IICW Venues?

Basel SBB
You will arrive in Basel at the railway station Basel SBB (trains arriving from Switzerland and France). Leave the station through the main exit towards the city and take bus number 30 to the stop “Spalentor”.

Basel EuroAirport (BSL)
Ca. 15 minutes by taxi (ca. 40 CHF / 35 EUR ); ca. 20 minutes by public transport (3.80 CHF/ 3.50 EUR). When arriving at Basel airport, take the exit to "Switzerland" (not France or Germany). For public transport, take bus line 50 in direction of Basel SBB, the main train station, and from there use bus line 30 and exit at “Spalentor”.

Zürich Airport (ZRH)
Ca. 90 minutes by train and public transport to the conference site (ca. 45 CHF / 37 EUR). Trains to Basel from Zürich airport are leaving every 30 minutes (either direct or via Zürich main station; train schedules are displayed at the luggage belts. Take the train to Basel SBB, then take bus line 30 as described above.

Event Organizing Committee

  • UPK (Universitäre Psychiatrische Kliniken) Basel, Klinik für Kinder und Jugendliche
  • UKBB (Universitäts-Kinderspital beider Basel)
  • Scientific Organization: Dr. Margarete Bolten

Dr. Margarete Bolten
Scientific Organization



Patientenaufnahme und Notfall Psychiatrie (24h täglich)

Universitäre Psychiatrische Kliniken (UPK) Basel
Wilhelm Klein-Str. 27, Basel
Tel. +41 61 325 51 00

Walk-In Ambulanz
Kornhausgasse 7, Basel
Montag bis Freitag,
8 – 16 Uhr
Tel. +41 61 325 81 81

Kinder und Jugendliche:

Bei Notfällen ausserhalb der Öffnungszeiten (24h täglich)

Universitäts-Kinderspital beider Basel (UKBB)
Spitalstrasse 33, Basel
Tel. +41 61 325 51 00

Kornhausgasse 7, Basel
Montag bis Freitag,
8 – 12 Uhr und 13 – 17 Uhr
Tel. +41 61 325 82 00