Clinic for Forensics

The Clinic for Forensics offers help to individuals who have come into conflict with the law due to their mental impairment. The offering is targeted at both adults and adolescents. As well as inpatient admission under a hospital treatment order, the Forensics department also offers a range of outpatient services both within and outside of the treatment order.

Professor Dr. med. Marc Graf is the Director of the Clinic for Forensics.

Marc Graf, Prof. Dr. med.

Direktor der Klinik für Forensik, Leitung Forschung Klinik für Forensik

Henning Hachtel, Dr. med.

Stv. Klinikdirektor, Klinik für Forensik und Leitender Arzt, Erwachsenenforensik ambulant

Stefan Rogge

Leiter Pflege, Klinik für Forensik

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