A portrait of the Clinics

The Basel University Psychiatric Clinics (UPK) employ more than 1,200 members of staff and are among the leading psychiatric clinics in Switzerland. We belong to the public health system of the Canton of Basel-Stadt and are accordingly responsible for providing high-quality, needs-based psychiatric/psychotherapeutic care for adults, children and adolescents.

A high degree of patient satisfaction

The UPK have 300 beds for patients in four specialised clinics: the Clinic for Adults (UPKE), the Clinic for Children and Adolescents (UPKKJ), the Clinic for Forensics (UPKF) and the Private Clinic (UPKP). Our patients have for years been giving us the highest ratings, as is proven by the satisfaction survey in adult psychiatry (ANQ) that is conducted annually on a national basis.

Leading in diagnostics, therapy, care and research

Thanks to our being in a network with the University of Basel, the UPK in Basel are situated at the cutting edge of medical knowledge, and are themselves developing new treatment methods. We offer a high-quality range of diagnostics, treatment and care for those in our inpatient, day-care and outpatient areas, and for those whom we visit in their home environment. Numerous internationally renowned scientists are active at the UPK, conducting research into fields such as long Covid, addiction, children and adolescents, depression, resilience, chronobiology and mobile-phone use.

The UPK support not just young academics, but also young staff members in the nursing, medical and commercial fields. Over 100 young people are currently training with us.

A clinic with open doors, for many years now

We are an open clinic, and work according to the “open-door” concept, for which our Clinic for Adults has also been awarded the “Innovation Qualité” prize that is given to projects that advance the quality of the Swiss healthcare system. It was our “open-door” concept ten years ago that convinced the well-known resilience researcher Prof. Undine Lang to leave her position at the Charité in Berlin and come to the UPK in Basel, where she is now our Clinic Director.

We offer answers to changing needs

With our Crisis Intervention Centre (KIS) and our new Addiction Outpatient Centre (SAM), opening in the spring and summer of 2023 respectively, we now also have competence centres for crisis and addiction treatment on the UPK campus.

Here – as at all our other locations – many highly motivated specialists will be working for our patients every day. Around the clock.

Last but not least, the UPK Basel are constantly rethinking their role: with a focus on achieving optimal patient care, we are forging ahead with comprehensive planning for our site and with digitisation. We are thereby taking account of the structural changes that are currently taking place in psychiatric treatment.

Michael Rolaz, CEO

Michael Rolaz


UPK: Key financial figures at a glance

With expenses of CHF 141.0 million (2021: CHF 139.2 million) and revenue of CHF 146.2 million (2021: CHF 146.3 million), the UPK closed 2022 with a profit of CHF 5.2 million (2021: CHF 7.1 million). By achieving an EBITDAR margin of 9.1 %, the UPK Basel exceeded its specified target of 8 %. Its equity ratio is 69.2 % (+2.4 % compared to 2021). The balance sheet profit will be allocated to retained earnings. Its equity amounts to CHF 126.591 million.

For detailed information, please consult the Annual Report for 2022 and the Financial Report for 2022.

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