For parents

Does your child wet him/herself? Does your baby scream a lot? Does your child regularly smoke pot or drink too much alcohol? There may be situations in life where you as parents realise that you need help in relation to difficulties being experienced by your child.

It can be beneficial to contact an office that offers you support in solving these problems. You can make an appointment for an initial consultation in our polyclinic to establish whether clarification or treatment could support you and your child.

For longer-term treatment there are various outpatient offerings available – depending on the age of the child. In the rare cases where inpatient treatment is necessary, our polyclinic offers various possibilities according to the situation and age: the Child Psychiatry department, Youth Psychiatry department, Psychosomatic and Admission Ward in the Children’s Hospital (UKBB) and the outpatient clinic for children up to six.

An important element of all our treatment offers is giving you and your child the necessary help to better cope with daily life.

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