The University Psychiatric Clinics (UPK) Basel are independent suppliers of psychiatric and psychological services belonging to the Canton of Basel. Amidst a beautiful public park and in newly renovated historic buildings most from the late nineteenth century, the UPK Basel offers the full range of stationary, ambulant and semi-residential services for adults, adolescents and children of a present-day university psychiatric clinic.

In general, UPK Basel is open for anybody who needs psychiatric or psychological support in any form. All services are covered by health insurance (Grundversicherung der Krankenkassen). For the Private Clinic you need private or semi-private health insurance coverage. Of course self-pay patients are appreciated as well.

Committed to its «Open Door Policy», the UPK Basel are open psychiatric clinics. 90 percent of the patients are here by choice. 1300 employees from 42 nations work together in interdisciplinary teams for the benefit of our patients.

In 2017, the UPK Basel treated 3’245 inpatients. Ambulatory treatment included 6‘793 patients. 88 percent of our patients considered collaboration with our nursing staff as helpful. 86 percent considered treatment by the clinics staff as respectful.

Our therapies are driven by the latest scientific findings, always focused on the patient and his or her personal concerns. Due to the close collaboration with the University of Basel, the UPK Basel has a strong record in research. Many of our practical therapies have been evolved here, especially in psychotherapy.

Prof. Dr. med. Undine Lang is head of both the Clinic for Adults and the Private Clinic. Prof. Dr. med. Alain Di Gallo is head of the Clinic for Children and Adolescents. All medical doctors and psychologists and many of the other employees of the UPK Basel speak English as a second language. English speaking persons are very welcome, and the UPK Basel will comply with their needs. In any case we will immediately support you in finding the best therapy for your needs.

If required, your general practitioner or specialist can transfer you to the UPK Basel. In case of an emergency, the UPK Basel also maintains an emergency unit which is open 24/7. At Kornhausgasse 7 in downtown Basel, the UPK Basel run a walk-in ambulatory for adults and a policlinic for children and adolescents.

Poliklinik (for Children and Adolescents)

open mo-fr, 8-12 and 13-17

Patientenaufnahme und Notfall Psychiatrie (Emergency)

open 24/7


Erwachsene: Offene Sprechstunde (ambulant)
Montag bis Freitag, 8 Uhr - 16 Uhr

UPK Basel
Kornhausgasse 7
4051 Basel
Tel. +41 61 325 81 81
Fax +41 61 325 81 80

Kinder und Jugendliche:
Montag - Freitag,
8 - 12 Uhr und 13 - 17 Uhr

Tel. +41 61 325 82 00

Erwachsene: Patientenaufnahme und Notfall Psychiatrie (stationär)
24h täglich

UPK Basel
Wilhelm Klein-Str. 27
4002 Basel
Tel. +41 61 325 51 00
Fax +41 61 325 55 52

Kinder und Jugendliche:
Bei Notfällen ausserhalb der Öffnungszeiten

UPK Basel Empfang
Tel. +41 61 325 51 11